From planning and setup to maintenence I will care of your server.

Also for two or more...


Custom solutions or extensions for existing applications, PHP enables efficient and fast progress.


You can request help via email, phone or remote access. In case there are complex topics I can come to your office too!

Your Server, Your Data, Your Business

Whether in the data center or under your desk - your own server gives you control over your data.

GDPR: become effective on 25.05.2018

Benefit from the certified expert! Analyze your initial situation, reach GDPR conformity and keep it .

Open Source: Proven Solutions

Use the experience of many thousands of installations to save time and money. Find out which solutions do support you best.

Transfer Files, with confidence

Email can carry attachments up to a few MB in size, for larger files you need drop boxes - which are expensive or unsafe. Switch to your own Nextcloud!

Web- & Database Server, cooperate and communicate

From the blog to customer information to the complex web application for cooperation with partners: Simplify the processes of your company according to your ideas.

Extensions, on the Shoulders of Gigants

Many great web applications (like Moodle, vTiger) fit perfectly to your needs by adding custom extensions. Take it a step further: Increase your productivity with the best tool.

Custom Soulutions, You are unique

PHP is deployed on over 82% of web servers (with dynamic content) (, May 2017). You profit from the variety of solutions and the efficiency through decades of optimization.

Backup now! no delay accepted

Your data is too valuable to fall victim to one of the many disasters. Get a backup plan tailored to your needs!

Agile Software Development, keeping your requirements in focus

With Kanban, Scrum and Lean you can avoid unnecessary effort. The result is the service that optimally supports you and your business!

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